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An air diffuser or membrane diffuser is an aeration device typically in the shape of a disc, tube or plate, which is used to transfer air (oxygen) into sewage or industrial wastewater. Oxygen is required by microorganisms/bacteria residents in the water to break down the pollutants. Diffusers use either rubber membranes or ceramic elements typically and produce either ultra fine, fine or coarse bubbles, from 2mm down to 1mm.

Diffusers are typically connected to a piping system which is supplied with pressurized air by a blower. This system is commonly referred to as a diffused aeration system or aeration grid.

There are two main types of diffused aeration systems, retrievable and fixed grid, that are designed to serve different purposes. In the case of a plant with a single tank, a retrievable system is desirable, in order to avoid stopping operation of the plant when maintenance is required on the aeration system.

KEVIVA can supply the following aeration diffusers models:

– Retrievable aeration grid
– Fixed grid
– Retrievable aeration Moving chains



– Lower energy consumption compared to traditional air injection and mechanical dispersion systems, such as surface or submerged aerators;

– Better mixing and homogenization of the air in the biological mass, increasing the yield of the system, high aeration efficiency;

– Greater oxygen transfer by using fine and ultra thin air bubbles, thereby increasing the time and area of contact between air and biological mass;

– It does not produce aerosols, avoiding the air dragging of biological material;

– Ease of maintenance, system provided with reserve blower, in case of need of stopping the machine, avoiding efficiency reduction of the plant;

– Longer life of the materials, diffusers of high quality and greater resistance in the market, manufactured in Polyurethane;



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