Equipment Rental


An important part of choosing the right equipment for any company, is the opportunity to try it. The process of finding technology that best fits with your needs may require comparison between the equipments, and a thorough evaluation in day-to-day contexts. Here at Keviva we recognise this crucial step in the selection process by making many of our technologies of water treatment available for trial through a rental system.

We have recently developed our trial program to build in support and guidance throughout the evaluation period. The definition of successful trial means meeting the goals of the evaluation.

Our aim is to ensure that we support you in all aspects of the trial including:

  • When determining which technology to trial, it is important to establish the company’s needs and requirements, in order to find the best solution for it.
  • At the time of booking the technology required for trial or Rent, we will discuss any preliminary steps to implement prior to the trial.
  • We will ensure equipment is received and assembled perfectly for its best use. If any assistance is required during this opportunity to familiarize yourself with the equipment, we can offer support via phone or a Skype call. We are available to assist you with any information or training required