Pilot Plants

KEVIVA’s engineering, capabilities and experience related to lab scale systems and demonstration pilot plants, are one of the keys to our delivery of successful projects.

A pilot plant is a small processing system which is operated to generate information about the behavior of the system for use in design of larger facilities.

The concept of modeling full-scale water and wastewater treatment processes by using pilot-scale equipment provides consulting engineers and end-users with a powerful method for analyzing the project.

Pilot studies that use pilot plant equipment can accomplish the following objectives.

  • Comparison of different conventional treatment technologies for new plant construction or existing plant expansion.
  • Comparison of alternative treatment technologies.
  • Optimization of existing treatment processes.
  • Flexible and safe experimentation without the worry of potentially hazardous effluent quality discharged.
  • Plant operator training and education.
  • Establishment of design criteria with confidence, thus ensuring the best technical and economic choice.

Based on the initial planning stages, services include:

  • Pre-engineering consulting & conceptual engineering
  • Cost estimation & feasibility studies
  • Basic engineering design
  • On-site assembly & start-up support

Our pilot plant equipment allows you to compare and analyze the best possible design for a water or wastewater treatment facility, or to optimize an existing water treatment method. With a pilot plant, risk is minimal, so experimentation can be done without compromising the process and it will give you solid results before you invest in a larger facility.

We tailor our services to every client to ensure the best possible results. If you would like to rent out pilot plant equipment for researching purposes, KEVIVA Water would be glad to assist with your pilot plant needs. We also have rental of equipments as an option of trial. Go to our TRIAL OF EQUIPMENTS.