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The KEVIVA BELT SCREEN is a self-cleaning in-channel screen that uses a High Impact filter element system designed to automatically clean the suspended solids from a wastewater stream.

The filtering elements work together on a stainless steel shaft forming a moving belt that discharges the solids by cleaning themselves one against each other. Elements are mounted on a series of parallel shafts.

The elements spacing goes from 0.1mm (ULTRA FINE SELF CLEANING SCREEN) up to 30mm – on a standard design (0.1, 1, 3, 6, 15mm) or heavy duty design (3, 15, 30mm).



Solids larger than the nominal screen are captured on the elements and conveyed upward on the face of the filter belt to be discharged at the rear of the unit. The screen uses a two-stage screening method that allows the screen to filter out solids much smaller than the screen opening.  This is achieved through coarse filtration on the leading edge of the belt, while fine screening takes place on the recessed face resulting in minimal headloss.

-The elements themselves are self-cleaning;
-The unit is also equipped with a rotating brush that provides positive removal of any additional solids that might remain on the belt;
-Optional water sprays can provide a final polishing on the element belt in especial applications.


They are designed to fit into any new OR existing channels. It´s completely taylor made design for every customer.

When debris builds up on the screen enough to impede water flowing through the unit and on down the channel, the motor drive is activated by a level sensor. The screen is then advanced one level or cycle and stops. As this sequence is repeated, the debris is lifted up and over the top of the screen.

The material piles up, thus blinding the screen and increasing the effectiveness of the fine filtration. This is the reason we recommend intermittent operation by measurement of the headloss (difference between the upstream and downstream water levels).

The special shape of the filtration element and their arrangement provide a vertical and horizontal – double filtration mesh.




-Low operation and maintenance costs
-High capture rates
-High flow and solids loading capacity
-Ease of installation
-Fully customizable
-Odor control using front, rear and side covers


-Industrial waste streams
-Municipal water or wastewater
-Water intake to manufacturing plants
-Potable water
-Wastewater headworks
-Sewage treatment plants
-Sludge screening
-Combined storm/sewer
-Public utility water intake
-Pulp and paper processing
-Fish and poultry processing
-Tannery and textile effluent
-Plastics and pharmaceutical water treatment


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